Planet Dance
              Meet Susan G.


Energetic, goofy, passionate, and encouraging are a few words to describe this 23 year old dancer from Detroit, MI. Susan used dance as an outlet of expression, and her faith in Christ to get through many rough times growing up. It came as no surprise when Susan finally enrolled in dance at the tender age of 13.

Born into a family of extreme artistic talent (her father was a successful big-band musician; mother was a dancer; 3 siblings are talented musicians), she assumes she began dancing in the womb. Even at a young age, Susan would choreograph dances for her friends to perform. Her passion pushed her into several forms of dance including ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop and lyrical. This drive only progressed as she advanced and began instructing her own hip hop school in her hometown.


Susan graduated from a radiologic technology program in 2006, while teaching on the side and training with various professionals. Every good teacher must be a good learner and she is always hungry for more knowledge and training! Today, Susan is working as an x-ray technologist and spending as much time as possible at the studio. In her free time, she likes to read, let people know they’re loved, and just goof off (especially with her brother and sisters since they're all best friends)!

Although Susan has set some major goals for her classes, she mostly concentrates on making it a fun and exciting place to be!


Expect an urban style with a splash of pop in Susan’s hip hop classes and anything from classical to contemporary in jazz. She sets a high-energy atmosphere (make that super-high energy for breakdance!), encouraging each dancer to reach their full potential and develop their own style!

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